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Crack Eficn 20


EFICN 20 is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software that is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS, a popular computer-aided design (CAD) software. EFICN 20 allows users to manage 4-axis milling and 3-axis turning machines, generate CNC programs, edit manufacturing documents, and transfer programs to CNC machines. EFICN 20 is designed to be simple, powerful, and efficient for both educational and industrial purposes.

Features of EFICN 20

  • EFICN 20 works in assembly mode, which means users can create CNC programs for one or several parts on the same table, and locate them on their holding devices.

  • EFICN 20 has realistic tool representations with cutting part, shank, and attachment. Tools and cutting parameters are saved in Access libraries.

  • EFICN 20 has a shape recognition module that analyzes the geometry of the selected face and applies a suitable machining entity. A machining entity is a process for a type of shape, including instructions, tools, and technologic parameters. Users can accept or modify the machining entity as they wish.

  • EFICN 20 has a post-processor editor that allows users to write any syntax compatible with any DNC and any technology.

  • EFICN 20 has a simulation module that performs material removal and collision detection.

Benefits of EFICN 20

  • EFICN 20 is easy to use, with only five commands for the whole CAM process. The user interface is graphical and contextual, showing only what is necessary for each situation.

  • EFICN 20 is associative, meaning that any changes in the CAD model are automatically reflected in the CAM program.

  • EFICN 20 is flexible, allowing users to create and save their own machining entities and post-processors.

  • EFICN 20 is compatible with SOLIDWORKS, which is a widely used CAD software in various industries and sectors.

How to buy EFICN 20

To buy EFICN 20, users need to have a valid annual maintenance contract with EFICAD, the developer of EFICN 20. EFICAD also offers other products such as SWOOD, a woodworking CAD/CAM software for SOLIDWORKS. For more information, users can visit [EFICAD website] or contact




  • [EFICN SW - Eficad]



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